Virtual Reality video has a wow factor. It has proven to be an innovative and forward-thinking way of drawing attention to an organization, a cause, a place or even an artistic expression.

VR media can be shared and utilized in numerous capacities – uploaded to headsets and sent to targeted individuals, played on your desktop or mobile, or added to social media accounts or websites. With our Interactive Viewing Platform (IVP), this unique medium can be the perfect marketing tool to set yourself apart as an innovative business, attract new talent, engage with different stakeholders or promote your organization.

360º vs 180º 3D

Technology moves fast as we’re creating content on the very leading edge.
Below are what we see as the best current uses for creative VR video content.

360º VR Video

This fully immersive video format is best used for scenes and landscapes when the desire is to capture the entirety of your surroundings in a full 360 degrees.
The viewer will feel like they have been dropped into another location where they can absorb their environment with the ability to look all around them.

Works great for:

  • Promoting a place or lifestyle;
  • Showing a sense of immersive 360º scale;
  • Remote training and tours;
  • Showcasing space – interior or exterior.

180º 3D VR Video

This fast-evolving technique captures each scene in 180º instead of 360º. This format is great for connecting with subjects. Think of 180º as closer to traditional film-making while remaining in the virtual space. 180º video is also filmed in stereoscopic which adds a perception of depth and three-dimensional structure through a VR headset.

Works great for:

  • Showing a sense of scale and depth perspective;
  • Creating an intimate, personalized experience; 
  • Creative arts and music;
  • Interviews or training;
  • First-person perspective.

During our time as 360LAB we were fortunate enough to partner with incredible organizations creating VR content to support their work.
Here is what they say about working with us.

“Working with 360LAB is both inspiring and easy. Their approach, creativity, insights and professionalism make the experience refreshing and their flexibility and understanding make them a pleasure to work with.”

Michael Branchflower, Vice President, Sales & Strategic Marketing , Invest Nova Scotia

“Tourism Nova Scotia worked with 360LAB to develop a series of Virtual Tours highlighting some of Nova Scotia’s most iconic locations. The team at 360LAB were great to work with and produced a series of incredible videos which really showcase Nova Scotia. As our uses for these videos shifted due to the pandemic, 360LAB were always willing to work with us to ensure we produced strong, useful, and captivating content.”

Hannah Crawford, Coordinator, Market Development, Tourism Nova Scotia

“360LAB has been contracted to capture visual assets from all over Nova Scotia and is able to share the offerings this great province has like never before. And they continue to challenge the norm every day, constantly looking for new ways to adapt their ever-growing knowledge of this industry.”

Doug Jones, CEO, IGNITE Atlantic


Being such an evolving technology, we are often asked how our VR content can be visually consumed. Here is a breakdown of a few of the best ways to view, share and utilize 360º and 180º 3D videos.


This user-friendly cloud-based platform can be accessed through desktop, mobile devices and a VR headset, and allow users to have an interactive experience in immersive virtual environments. It works great for training, recruiting, virtual tours and guided experiences. Visit this page to learn more.


Regular 360º and 180º videos can be watched on YouTube from a phone or tablet. For an interactive experience, scan a QR code to open our Interactive Viewing Platform directly on the browser – no apps required!


Much like the mobile device, the videos can be shared on YouTube and experienced on a computer, but unlike the mobile device, you click with the mouse to scroll around a scene.

The added size of a computer screen over a handheld device enhances the viewing experience.


This is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting markets right now in the Virtual Reality world. All the big tech companies are currently working on developing their headsets, which will quickly become more affordable and accessible. Once you have strapped a headset on and watched a fully immersive VR video or game, you will know what all the fuss is about. The shift to another world is instantaneous and immensely visually stimulating. This is where it looks and almost feels like the real thing.

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