BRAEVR Media is a virtual reality video production company that creates immersive and interactive video content to help clients showcase their brands in fresh and amazing ways.

We are driven by innovation and challenge our clients to be bolder, be brighter, be BRAEVR.

During our time as 360LAB we were fortunate enough to partner with incredible organizations creating VR content to support their work.
Here is what they say about working with us.

“Working with 360LAB is both inspiring and easy. Their approach, creativity, insights and professionalism make the experience refreshing and their flexibility and understanding make them a pleasure to work with.”

Michael Branchflower, Vice President, Sales & Strategic Marketing , Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI)

“Tourism Nova Scotia worked with 360LAB to develop a series of Virtual Tours highlighting some of Nova Scotia’s most iconic locations. The team at 360LAB were great to work with and produced a series of incredible videos which really showcase Nova Scotia. As our uses for these videos shifted due to the pandemic, 360LAB were always willing to work with us to ensure we produced strong, useful, and captivating content.”

Hannah Crawford, Coordinator, Market Development, Tourism Nova Scotia

“360LAB has been contracted to capture visual assets from all over Nova Scotia and is able to share the offerings this great province has like never before. And they continue to challenge the norm every day, constantly looking for new ways to adapt their ever-growing knowledge of this industry.”

Doug Jones, CEO, IGNITE Atlantic



BRAEVR is a video production company specializing in fully immersive Virtual Reality experiences, capturing everything from the wildest great outdoors to industrial innovation and modern architectural designs and a whole lot more in between.

BRAEVR works closely with clients of all shapes and sizes, ranging from startups, food service industry, wineries, and well-established institutional corporate clients to develop the best solutions that fit their needs.

We capture our 360˚ and 180˚ videos in glorious 8K ensuring super high-quality image resolution. We will work together to determine the best format for the project based on which visual effect will best tell your story. Our team of professionals are a mobile film crew capable of filming multiple locations in a day. With two complete film set-ups, we are able to run two production teams simultaneously.

At BRAEVR we use all the latest Virtual Reality editing and stitching software to bring the captured imagery to life. We are able to further enhance your videos with 2-dimensional video inserts, pop-up symbols, text and arrows to make them more informative and user-friendly. We can also add animation and voice-overs and create interactive environments, “choose-your-own-adventure” style, with clickable buttons and embedded elements – the video enhancement possibilities are endless.

Our goal at BRAEVR is to deliver to our clients Virtual Reality video content that will blow the viewer’s mind. The immersive nature of 360˚ or 180˚ VR video really feels like you have been dropped into the scene and is as close to really being there as you can get. And with our exclusive Interactive Viewing Platform (IVP) we take the experience from passive viewing to actively interacting with the content. This gamification of the content allows for a more diverse application of the media, be it for training, recruitment, marketing and promotion or jaw-dropping showreels. This easily shared, web-based platform allows our client’s content to be viewed on mobile devices, tablets, desktop computers and VR headsets – anywhere in the world.

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